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Someday Bigger Day Care

Someday Bigger Day Care

Someday Bigger Day Care is here to help kids ages six weeks to six years find their happy place so you can be out finding yours. We're located just up the road from South Ridge Lodge across from the ski school area with convenient drop-off right next to our building. For kids age three and older that are interested in learning to ski, we offer instructional programs in conjunction with our Tiny Turns and Mogul Munchkins kids ski school programs. We are a fully licensed child care facility through the State of Maine Department of Human Services.


Reservations for Day Care, Tiny Turns and the Mogul Munchkin Combo program are highly recommended, and we suggest you make your reservations as soon as you book your vacation. Reservations can be made by calling  207-824-5083. Walk-ins will be welcomed if space is available.

Daily Programs & Pricing

Pricing With Prior Day Reservation*Walk-in
Full-Day Day Care  $84 $94
Full-Day Day Care with Tiny Turns or Mogul Munchkins $109 $119
Half-Day Day Care $64 $74
Half-Day Day Care with Tiny Turns $89 $99

*Prior day reservation price is valid until 4:00PM the day before. 

Frequent Visitor Pricing

Frequent Visitor PassRate
30-Day Pass $1,790
30-Day Pass with Tiny Turns $2,690
20-Day Pass $1,268
20-Day Pass with Tiny Turns $1,868

Frequent Visitor passes are valid for current ski season only and are transferable between siblings.


 HoursFull DayHalf Day
Monday - Friday 9AM - 4:30PM 9AM - 12:30PM
Weekends & Holidays 8AM - 4:30PM 8AM - 12:30PM
Afternoon - 1PM - 4:30PM

Eddy, Bety, KidsTiny Turns

Tiny Turns combines Day Care with a private ski lesson for children ages 3 or 4 who have never skied before. The goal is to give children a gentle introduction to skiing in a relaxed, fun manner. Each lesson consists of 45 minutes to one hour of instruction, based on your child's energy and enthusiasm. Lift ticket, lesson, and rental equipment are included. Please note that rentals are good for the duration of the lesson only, and all-day rentals may be obtained through the ski school. Children must be enrolled in at least a half day of Day Care to participate in this program. Space is very limited, so please make your reservation early.

Mogul Munchkin Combo

Mogul Munchkins combines a full day in Day Care with a group ski lesson and is designed for children who are not quite ready for a full-day program on the slopes. You'll drop your child off at Day Care in the morning and we'll do the rest, bringing them to ski school for a group lesson and bringing them back to Day Care once the lesson is complete. Lift ticket, lesson, rental equipment, and lunch are included, and only full-day programs are available. Space is limited so please make your reservation early, and on the day of your program please bring your child to Day Care by 9:15AM at the latest.  

Check-In Procedure

Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a medical form for your child with emergency contact info, etc. You can also fill out your child's ski equipment rental form if they will be skiing with us. You will be given a Kid Check tag that must be presented when you pick your child up at the end of the day. For your convenience and to speed up the check-in process you can download our medical and contact forms and ski school registration form for Tiny Turns and Mogul Munchkins.

What to Bring

Please be sure to label the following items, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  • Extra change of clothes (all ages.)
  • Supply of diapers and wipes if needed. 
  • Infant food and pre-mixed formula if needed.
  • Comfort items if needed (blanket, pacifier, etc.)
  • Any emergency medical items regarding allergies (Epi-pen, etc.)
  • Outdoor clothes

About Our Program

Someday Bigger Day Care is a play-based program. We follow a daily schedule that includes Arts & Crafts, Story Time, Group Time, Rest Time, and Snack & Lunch Time. We take the children outside to play or for walks, depending on weather and business conditions; for the safety of the staff and children, during busy times the decision to spend time outside will be at the discretion of the Director. Snacks and lunch are included in the daily rate. Some examples of snacks are yogurt, fresh fruit, pretzels, veggies with dip, etc. Lunches are things such as chicken nuggets, "brunch for lunch" (French toast, hash browns, oranges), spaghetti and meatballs, grilled cheese with tomato soup, etc. You are more than welcome to bring your own food if you feel your child would rather eat something different. We are a NUT-FREE facility. If you opt to bring a lunch, please be respectful of potential allergies that other children may have. Also, if your child needs a special diet, we will certainly do our best to accommodate, but feel free to provide your own gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. options.

Age Groups

Children are separated by age. The Infant Room accepts babies 6 weeks-15 months, Toddler Room is 16 months-35 months, and the Preschool Room is 3-6 years. The state requires that children be separated by age so that child/staff ratios can be met, however, an older sibling may be allowed to visit a younger sibling, in the younger sibling's room for brief periods of time.

Staff Ratios

  • Infants: 4 infants to one adult
  • Toddlers: 5:1
  • Preschool: 8:1


We realize that babies like to enjoy their own schedules. When you arrive, the staff in the Infant Room will want to know all about your child's normal routine. Please keep in mind that your little one will be spending the day in a new environment, with new faces, sights, and sounds. We do our very best to stick to routine, but ultimately it will be your baby that lets us know what he or she wants.