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Bungee Trampoline

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Jump into the sky with Sunday River's Bungee Trampoline.

Our Bungee Trampoline, manufactured by EuroBungy, uses a trampoline and two bungee cords attached to your harness to propel you skyward. As an added bonus, the harness also allows you to flip forwards and backward safely as you bounce up to 20 feet into the air!


A three-minute session on the Bungee Trampoline is $9 for all ages, or you can get all-day access as part of the Adventure Pass.


Bungee Trampoline participants must be between 30 and 200 pounds and fit into our safety harnesses properly.

Hours of Operation

June 29 - July 4 Daily 10AM-4PM 
July 5 - September 3 Thursdays - Sundays 10AM-4PM
September 9 - October 8 Saturdays and Sundays 10AM-4PM

 *Please note that the Mountain Park and its Bungee Trampoline will not be open to the public during the River Rock Festival (July 7-8), or open on Labor Day (Sept. 4) / Columbus Day (Oct. 9).