Eddy the Yeti

Eddy and ChildThe Story of Eddy the Yeti

A yeti is a large, white, furry animal that lives in the snow and is said to roam mountainous areas around the world.

Legend has it that a yeti lived on Old Speck Mountain just north of the Sunday River since the late 1950s, around the same time the resort first opened for skiing. A shy creature by nature, the yeti seldom left his home and was spotted around the ski area only on rare occasions. 

In 2009, sightings of the yeti increased in frequency. Some say he may have been drawn down to the resort by the fireworks display the night of Sunday River's 50th birthday celebration. Once here, the yeti Eddy Betty and Kidsslowly began to make friends with skiers and snowboarders, and over time he was given the name Eddy by the friends he made.

Today, Eddy the Yeti can still be elusive but is seen regularly around the resort. Sometimes Eddy is found high on the mountain, sometimes he explores the woods, and sometimes he can be seen walking around the base area greeting the skiers and snowboarders. Eddy scares easily and rarely makes an appearance for more than a short period of time, but remains friendly and curious, and enjoys making new friends - especially kids.

Sunday River built a special home for Eddy on the left side of the Dream Maker trail on North Peaks that skiers and snowboarders can walk in to visit throughout the year. Because Eddy has never been seen during the summer, it is believed that he stays in his cave high on Old Speck until the snow begins to fall again for winter.