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2016-17 Winter Updates

This summer, the Spruce Peak Triple was removed after experiencing a foundation failure on its top terminal. Due in large part to a tight timeline, we will not be replacing the Spruce Peak Triple before or during the 2016-17 season to ensure that our guests are able to enjoy the terrain on Spruce Peak as conditions allow. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Spruce Peak terrain stay open? Yes, the trails on Spruce Peak will open as conditions allow.  

Will you make snow on Spruce Peak? Yes, we will make snow on Spruce Peak to open its trails, though we may focus on different lift-serviced terrain first depending on weather conditions.

Will the terrain on Spruce Peak be groomed? Yes, our grooming team will put stripes on American Express and Risky Business as always, and will leave Downdraft untouched more often than not.  

How do I access terrain on Spruce Peak? The terrain on Spruce Peak can be accessed by taking the Aurora Quad to the top of Aurora Peak. Take a left off of the chairlift onto Borealis. When you come to the intersection of Sirius and Aludra, take a right on Sirius for a short hike to Spruce Peak.

Where is the old equipment going?  We are working with a company to remove the old Spruce Peak Triple. This company will be removing and taking the entire lift. 

Will there be lift towers on the trail? No, the lift towers and will be removed before terrain opens on Spruce Peak.  

When will the new chairlift go in? As of right now, our plan is to install the new Spruce Peak Triple for the 2017-18 season.  

What chairlift(s) do I need to ride to access Spruce Peak? From Barker Mountain, take the Barker Mountain Express to Three Mile Trail. This will access Lower Risky Business. From there, ski down Second Mile to Sensation to access the Aurora Quad. From South Ridge, take the Chondola to the top of North Peak. From there, ski down Paradigm or Sensation to access the Aurora Quad. From Jordan or Oz, take the Jordan Bowl Express or the Oz Quad to the Kansas trail. From there take Northern Lights or Airglow to access the Aurora Quad.

What is the hike like? The hike is short with a modest elevation gain. We suggest getting controlled speed on Borealis to make the turn up to Sirius to shorten the walk, which should only take a few minutes.

How will this affect lift lines? On weekends we plan to run the Oz Quad, the Quantum Leap Triple, and the Locke Mountain Triple as conditions allow to help with skier flow around the mountain. Midweek, we don't expect lift lines to be affected due to the lower number of skiers on the mountain.

Is there lift-accessed terrain that is comparable to that on Spruce Peak? You will find long, groomed terrain like that on Spruce Peak on Excalibur, Rogue Angel, and Lollapalooza in Jordan Bowl, Northern Lights in Aurora, and Tempest, Wildfire, Jibe, Moonstruck, and Starlight on White Cap.