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Condominium Owner Services

Sunday River offers a number of exclusive property support services to rental and non-rental owners.  Our Property Support Team is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining and or enhancing your home away from home.


Property Management

  • Furniture and Fixtures Sales and Service
  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Maintenance Repair Service
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Winter Snow Removal Services
  • Association Management Services
  • Reserve and Capital Planning
  • Landscaping Services
  • Security Services
  • 24 hour emergency coverage
  • Owner Correspondence
  • Conveniently located office at South Ridge   
  • Trolley Service

Rental Services & Benefits

  • Rental Revenue
  • Millions of Dollars in Marketing
  • 24-Hour On Mountain Front Desk Staff
  • Boyne Reward Incentives

Frequently Asked Questions 

    • What is the parking policy for condominium owners?
      Condominium Owners are allowed only one permitted vehicle in the parking lot at any one time.  Should owners have guests or additional vehicles, they are to obtain an Overflow Permit from the Welcome Center and park in Lot 3 at South Ridge Lodge.

    • How do I obtain a parking permit? 
      Requests for parking permits are through your Property Management Administrator Neva Miller at or by calling 207-824-5144.  If you have been issued a parking pass but have since purchased a new vehicle, you may also contact Neva at the above.

    • Is there transportation provided to and from the condos?
      Yes, the trolley runs the condominium loop during the winter season roughly every half hour.  Please see posted schedules.  Schedules are subject to adjustment.

    • May I have a pet in my condominium?
      ONLY the owner of the condominium may bring their well behaved pet.  Pets are to be leashed in common areas, hallways, and outside.  Pets are to be cleaned up after and we encourage owners to carry doggie bags.  Pets are never allowed to be tied up on the exterior of the buildings.  Please remember that Newry does have a leash law.  Help keep your grounds clean and sanitary.

    • What is the Rental Management Agreement?
      This agreement is a yearly contract used with our partners, the program is exclusive and the terms are roughly 28-week days into rental from December to March including two weekends.  For specifics on the agreement please call 207-824-5143.

    • How can I create, change or cancel reservations?
      All reservation requests should be sent to Owner Services at  In the event that the unit has been placed in rental and there are reservations in the unit, every effort to reassign the rental will be made, but not guaranteed.  If there are no rentals then Owner Services would be happy to make you a reservation.  If an owner is unable to come up, please email Owner Services at the above address and we'd be happy to cancel your stay and get the unit in rentals in hopes to generate you some revenue.

    • If I come up for an owner stay and need housekeeping services who do I call?
      Call your housekeeping team at 207-824-6656 for services.

    • If I am in the rental program and I opt to do my own check out cleaning do I need to notify anyone?
      Please contact housekeeping at 207-824-6656 prior to your departure to inspect the unit while you're still available in order to avoid additional charges accrued by incomplete cleanings.

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