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Kids' Day Lessons

Focusing on fun, learning, and adventure, we offer children's group lessons for all ability levels. Combining games, activities, and kid-friendly coaching techniques, our lessons are designed to teach kids to love snow sports and the mountain!

Plan on visiting Sunday River frequently? Check out our Children's Seasonal Programs and Munchkin/Meister 30 Day Passes.

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Mogul Munchkins

Mogul Munchkins (ages 3-6, ski only*) is available for either a half- or full-day ski clinic. Lift tickets are included and lunch is available for full-day programs. Rental of skis and boots is $10/day; helmet rental is an additional $10/day. There is an option to include Someday Bigger Day Care with a group ski clinic. 

*Based on past experience, it can be difficult for kids under age seven to learn to snowboard, however, we can arrange snowboard clinics for ages 4 to 6 through our Perfect Turn Private Clinics if desired.

  With Prior Day Reservation*:  Walk-In:
Full-Day Lesson/Lunch
(10:00AM - 3:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM                          
$99 $109           
Half-Day Lesson**
(10:00AM - 12:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM            
$83 $93

*Prior day reservation price is valid until 4:00PM the day before the clinic.
**Half-day lessons not available on January 14-15, 2017 and February 20-24, 2017.

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Mogul Meisters

Mogul Meisters (ages 7-14) includes either a half- or full-day ski or snowboard clinic only. Rental of boots, skis, and poles OR snowboard and boots is $15/day; helmet rental is an additional $10/day. Lift tickets are not included with Mogul Meisters unless noted below.

  With Prior Day Reservation*:  Walk-In:
Full-Day Lesson/Lunch
(10:00AM - 3:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM      
$75 $85   
Full-Day Lesson/Lunch/Lift Ticket
(10:00AM - 3:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM
$135 $145
Half-Day Lesson**
(10:00AM - 12:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM   
$65 $75
Half-Day Lesson**/Lift Ticket
(10:00AM - 12:00PM) Registration ends at 9:30AM   
$125 $135

*Prior day reservation price is valid until 4:00PM the day before the clinic.
**Half-day lessons not available on January 14-15, 2017 and February 20-24, 2017.

30-Day Munchkin/Meister Pass

Includes up to 30 full day visits and lunch. Lift ticket is not included in Meister 30 Day Pass.

  30-Day Pass
Mogul Munchkin       $1,200
Mogul Meisters                       $1,100

Tiny Turns

Tiny Turns (ages 3-4, ski only*) through Someday Bigger combines day care with a one-hour private ski clinic for children who have never skied before. Children must be enrolled in at least a half-day of day care to participate in this program.

Day Lesson Reservations & Registration

Reservations are strongly suggested and are taken up until 4:00PM the day before the lesson. We may be able to accommodate walk-ins if space is available, but reservations are the only way to guarantee a place with us. Full payment is due at the time of reservation. Call 207-824-5080 or book online

Reservations may be changed or canceled up to 24 hours in advance without penalty. Cancellations made within 24 hours will receive a refund minus a $25 handling fee. Should you need to change your reservation, please contact us at 207-824-5080.

For more information about our programs and to complete our Child Registration Form (required once per season), please visit the Perfect Kids Lesson Information and Registration Form.

Day Lesson Location & Hours

Kids Programs operate out of Merrill Brook I (Mogul Meisters, ages 7-14) and Merrill Brook II (Mogul Munchkins, ages 3-6), located in the South Ridge area of the resort. We offer early morning drop-off beginning when the lifts open at 8:00AM on weekends/holidays and 9:00AM on weekdays until 4:00PM daily. Afternoon check-in begins at 12:30PM. Registration ends at 9:30AM for the morning half- and full-day clinic and at 12:45PM for the afternoon half-day clinic. Your child must be checked in by these times.

Day Lesson Rentals & Lift Tickets

Both of our buildings are staffed with sales associates for all of your purchasing needs, as well as full-service rental stations for kid's equipment. We offer rental equipment at a discounted rate for participants of our Children's Programs. Lift tickets are required to participate in all of our programs.  Please see above for pricing of rental equipment and programs with and without lift tickets.