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State of the Parks: November 2015

November 27, 2015

It's Thanksgiving weekend and we're ever grateful to the parks crew for their help in keeping the shred alive. Last night, they put together an amazing set up with seven jibs and a jump on Upper Sunday Punch. It may be early in the season, but they're bringing it to the next level. 

Stay tuned to the mountain report for more updates and don't forget to follow @sundayriverpark on Instagram for the latest visuals.


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About the Parks

T72        15-acre Super Park

T72 is Sunday River's biggest park and one of the best in New England.  With a total of 15 acres, the top section features a rotating mix of jibs and snow features, the middle section has a 600-foot superpipe along the right and large jump line along the left, and the bottom section is full of a huge jib garden.

Designed in collaboration with Simon Dumont and Snow Park Technologies, T72 is the home of the annual Dumont Cup event.

T72 is located on North Peak between Dream Maker and 3D, accessible from the high-speed North Peak Express and Chondola lifts. T72's jib park may also be accessed using the South Ridge Express.


Halfpipe (T72)        The longest pipe in the East.

Sunday River's halfpipe has 18-foot walls and stretches for 600 feet, making it the longest in the East. It's located in the central section of T72 and serviced by the North Peak Express and Chondola lifts.


Jib Park (T72)        Multiple lines of rails, boxes, and jibs.

T72's Jib Park is located in the bottom section of the trail and can be accessed from T72, Dream Maker, and 3D. Lift service from the North Peak Express and Chondola.


3D        Progression park

3D is a progression park with mid-sized jumps in the upper section and a collection of jibs and jumps along the center and lower sections. Located on North Peak, accessible by riding upper 3D or cutting across Last Mile from T72.


Flow State        Family boardercross in Barker Basin

Flow State, named after the Warren Miller film, is a family-friendly boardercross located on the Rocking Chair trail in Barker Basin. It is accessible via the Barker Mountain Express and the Locke Triple lifts. 


Who-Ville        Who said a beginner park could only be enjoyed by beginners?

Who-Ville is designed as a fun park geared toward children and families, complete with super small jump lines, beginner boxes & rails, banked turns, and more rolls than your local bakery. Who-Ville is located on South Ridge and is serviced by the Chondola, the South Ridge Express, and the North Peak Express lifts. Lights line the trail making it available for night skiing.


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