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Parks Report: Fall 2014

As you can see in the video above, we're gearing up for winter.

When it comes to snowmaking, Sunday River's the best game in town. And by town, we mean the northeast. Grooming? All over it. Last year, the resort moved terrain parks to the peak of its priority list and invested over $1 million dollars in a new, dedicated terrain park trail. Makes sense that the home of The Dumont Cup, the largest pro-am freeskiing event in the East, should have a world-class park, no? T72 is 15 acres of jumps, jibs, and pipes - the longest superpipe in the East, if you're into those sort of stats.

This year, the resort will continue to take its parks to new heights with expansions, redesigns, and brand new equipment. The 2014-15 season will see T72's already epic snowmaking equipment and raise it an entirely fresh arsenal of HKD Park Guns. The park-specific guns will help us crank out the huge volumes of snow we need to build medium and large features even faster.

We're also lining 3D (our progression park) with the new rifles. Oh yeah, and doubling its size, which means even more punchy, medium-sized features.

On top of all of that, Sunday River will add a new PistenBully 400 Park Cat to its grooming fleet, bring the Who-Ville beginner park back to South Ridge, and add boardercross features to Rocking Chair, which will return to Barker Mountain. All in all, we're going to have six parks this season (mostly on North Peak) and we'll have a terrain parks-dedicated Mountain Report to give you the quick and dirty DL before you climb aboard the Chondola. (Hint: You're looking at it.)

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About the Parks

T72        Home of The Dumont Cup.

Unveiled last season, T72 is Sunday River's newest terrain park-dedicated trail. The top section includes a rotation of medium to large jumps and features. The bottom offers a bevy of jibs. In between? Only the longest superpipe in the eastern part of the country: 18 feet high, 600 feet long.

During the trail's initial design phase, Sunday River worked with professional freeskier Simon Dumont and Snow Park Technologies (SPT), a group best known for their work on Winter X Games courses, to choose the best location for T72. SPT pointed Sunday River to North Peak.

T72 is located between the Dream Maker and 3D trails and this year, Sunday River has made North Peak its parks mecca by expanding 3D and upgrading the snowmaking capabilities on both trails. T72 can be accessed with the high-speed North Peak Express and Chondola lifts. T72's jib park may also be accessed using the South Ridge Express. T72 is the home of The Dumont Cup, which will return to Sunday River March 27 and 28, 2015.


Halfpipe (T72)        Big, ballsy, and the longest pipe in the East.

Sunday River's halfpipe has 18-foot walls and stretches for 600 feet, making it the longest pipe in the East. It's located in the central section of T72, on skier's right. It is accessible from Second Mile or Dream Maker and serviced by the North Peak Express and Chondola lifts.


Jib Park (T72)        Rails, boxes, and the like. Pick your poison.

T72's Jib Park can be accessed from Second Mile, Dream Maker, and Ridge Run (from 3D) and is serviced by the North Peak Express and Chondola lifts. The variety of this jib garden is sure to please both skiers and riders.


3D        Go forth and prosper with our progression park.

3D is a progression park with mid-sized features in the upper section and a collection of mid-sized jibs in the lower section. Located on North Peak, accessible by riding upper 3D or cutting across from T72.

This season, 3D is getting a bunch of new HKD Method Park snowguns to help cover its newly expanded terrain. 3D is doubling in size for 2014-15 and these new guns will allow us to build plenty of features to fill the new space, and faster than ever before.


Rocking Chair        Boardercross in Barker Basin.

Barker Mountain's Rocking Chair makes a triumphant return this season with a brand new layout, complete with boardercross features. It is accessible via the Barker Mountain Express and Locke Mountain Triple lifts.


Who-Ville        Who said a beginner park could only be enjoyed by beginners?

Who-Ville is designed as a fun park geared toward children and families, complete with super small jump lines, beginner boxes & rails, banked turns, and more rolls than your local bakery. Who-Ville is located on South Ridge and is serviced by the Chondola, the South Ridge Express, and the North Peak Express lifts. Lights line the trail making it available for night skiing.


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