The Next Step To 2030

The Next Step To 2030


Now Open

A transformative Leap Ahead

The Barker 6, one of the most advanced and fastest 6-person chairlifts in North America, is now open.  A Doppelmayr D-Line design, the lift will feature ergonomic heated seats, an automatically lowering and locking restraining bar, weather-blocking bubbles in our signature Sunday River Red, and improved wind resistance. This addition to the resort is a pivotal step forward in our Sunday River 2030 plan, and alongside the Jordan 8, forms a transcendent duo of Doppelmayr's flagship lifts. 

Servicing beloved terrain from White Cap to North Peak, the Barker 6 will whisk skiers to the summit of Barker Mountain, providing a fast and comfortable ride from one of the most popular base areas at the resort. 

In addition to the Barker 6 this summer, Sunday River will install a second Doppelmayr fixed grip triple on Merrill Hill, opening the door for future ski trails and real estate development. Last summer, the resort installed the Jordan 8, North America's fastest 8-person chairlift, servicing terrain across Oz and Jordan Bowl peaks. 

Introducing the Barker 6 The fastest 6-person chairlift in North America coming winter 2022-2023.

Facts & Figures

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    Uphill capacity: 3250 skiers per hour
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    Speed: 6 meters per second
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    Ride time: 4.68 minutes
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    Chairs: 63
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    Chair weight: Just under 2,000 lbs.
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    Towers: 13
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    Ergonomically-shaped, extra-wide heated seats
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    Individual head & foot rests
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    Weather-proof Sunday River Red bubble covers
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    Automatically lowering and locking restraining bar

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