Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Group & Personal Training

Sunday River is offering group fitness classes and personal training out of the Grand Summit Hotel Health Club. Whether you want to work it before hitting the slopes or just get moving in the gym, our trainer will have you feeling great with a full menu of group and one-on-one training options. All classes are approximately one hour in length. Phone reservations only; must be made 24-hours in advance and payment is due at the time of booking. 

Full Body Class | $10

Hit all major muscles in a fun group atmosphere! Classes will vary based on the fitness level of participants, but you can expect bodyweight circuits, supersets, isometric movements, and more. The main goals are to teach proper movement patterns, strengthen major muscle groups, and help you improve in daily activities. 

Day of the Week Time
Friday 4-5PM
Saturday 3-4PM

Boot Camp | $10

Push your body to the limit with a challenging Boot Camp workout. The class is designed to be dynamic and is specifically targeted to increase strength, stamina, and agility through a series of calisthenics, athletic drills, and resistance training. Boot Camp workouts are recommended for intermediate and advanced participants.

Day of the Week Time
Friday 5:15-6:15PM
Saturday 4:15-5:15PM & 5:30-6:30PM

Personal Training | $35

Kick it up a notch with personal training. Our dedicated resort trainer will help you determine goals and create a workout that meets your needs with one-on-one attention. Personal training is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 6-9AM by appointment only. Sessions are 60-minutes long


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