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Home Permitted On-Snow Equipment
Home Permitted On-Snow Equipment

Policies & Safety

Permitted On-Snow Equipment

Sunday River allows the use of alpine skis, snowboards, monoboards, snowblades and telemark equipment for lift-serviced recreational activities. Sno-Go Ski Bikes are permitted on certain lifts; please see the "Ski Bike" policy below. Snowskates with a runaway preventative device may also be used, but only on the Chondola lift and only when loading into cabins. Other types of sliding equipment are not permitted at the resort, with the exception of specialized equipment used through the Maine Adaptive program. Please contact guest services if you have questions about permitted equipment.

Children without their own equipment may not be carried by hand or by backpack by an adult with equipment, or towed in a sled behind them. 

Guests without equipment may ride the Chondola chairlift with a scenic ride lift ticket or with a season pass, downloading in a Chondola cabin to return to the base.


Sledding, tubing, tobogganning, and the like are not allowed on resort property at any time. 

Ski Bikes
  • Equipment used will be designed for and fit for the intended purpose.
  • Attachments, pivots, connections must all be engineered solutions.
  • Only Sno-Go ski bikes will be allowed at Sunday River unless the user has come through Maine Adaptive Programing. 
  • Rider must use a safety leash.
  • Snow bike must be able to securely stay on chair with no assistance from the rider.
  • Chairlift restraint bar must be used when transporting snow bikes.
  • Rider must glide on and off the lift.
  • Ski bike must not be motorized for use with traditional ski/snowboard users.
  • Rider must adhere to the NSAA responsibility code as outlined on this page. 
  • Load and unload speeds should meet ANSI B77.1 standards for foot passengers when the rider is not wearing skis on their feet. Fixed grip lifts will need to be slowed for loading and unloading ski bikes.
  • Sunday River permits use of ski bikes on all aerial lifts and conveyors, with the exception of the Locke Mountain Triple, the Spruce Mountain Triple, and the Oz Quad. 
  • Lessons are required for first-time use or if you bring your own equipment. See the Sno-Go page for availability.
  • Participants must be ages 13 and older, be at least five feet tall, and weigh at least 100 pounds.