Season Pass FAQ

What is the Easy Pay Plan work?

The Easy Pay Plan allows you to lock in the savings of our spring sales with a deposit of $50, then pay the remainder in four automatic installments as the balance is charged a credit card on file in equal installments on May 31, June 30, July 31, and August 31. The Easy Pay Plan is available on all season passes purchased by April 30. More details available on the Payment Plan Authorization

How is age be determined for season passes?

The passholder's age on November 1, 2019 determines the age category for all 2019-20 season passes.

What are the 2019-20 blackout dates for Silver, Bronze, and Nitro Passes?

Silver and Nitro blackout dates are December 26-31, 2019; January 18-19, 2020; and February 15-17 and 22, 2020. Bronze Pass blackout dates are December 26-27 and 30-31, 2019; and February 18-22, 2020.

Do New England Passes include benefits at Boyne's western resorts?

Gold and Gold Plus New England Passes include three free days and 50% off additional days at Boyne Resorts' western mountains. See the Sister Benefits page for details.

What benefits come with my season pass?

Many, and they vary by pass type. See our Passholder Benefits page for details.

How do I receive my pass?

Season passes can be mailed or picked up at the resort unless otherwise noted below. Resort pick-up is located in the Welcome Center at the South Ridge Lodge. You must complete a Release of Liability if you did not purchase online and sign a e-waiver.

  • Submitting a photo: You can log on to your account on and upload a photo for your pass, email a photo to, or have one taken at the season pass desk. Photos should be headshots in jpeg format with no hats, goggles, or sunglasses. 
  • Easy Pay Plan purchases cannot pick up their season pass until it has been paid in full after September 1. 
  • College Passes must be picked up in person at the resort, and require proof of full-time enrollment with at least 9 credits and valid photo ID. Enrollment verification can be from the school registrar's office or from
  • Canadian Silver & March Passports require proof of Canadian citizenship and must be picked up in person. 
  • Maine Student and Community passes require proof of full-time residency. Community Passes are available to residents of towns in SAD44, RSU 17, and RSU 10. Proof of residency must include a valid photo ID for the parent or student with the appropriate address, a letter from the school, or a current progress report. Must be picked up in person. 
Can season pass going be mailed?

Your season pass can be mailed up to November 1 if paid in full. Simply email with your order confirmation and ask for it to be mailed. Passes cannot be mailed after Nov 1. 

Can I get a refund if I cannot use my pass due to injury?

Season passes are non-refundable; however, in the case that you (or a family member) have been injured this winter, Sunday River will consider issuing a rollover, per our Rollover Request Policy. Other obligations may be eligible upon review. All requests must be submitted in writing. Limited-duration passes are not eligible for rollovers. Please review this form for details

What if I forget my pass?

Guests who forget their season pass can visit the season pass desk in South Ridge to have a lift ticket issued. This service is provided complimentary for the first instance, and for $15 on subsequent instances. Passholder must be present and sign a Ticket Fraud Policy.

What if I lost my pass?

We ask that you wait 48 hours and pick up a complimentary day ticket if needed. A replacement pass can be issued for $15 for the first instance, and $50 for subsequent instances. Passholder must be present and sign a Ticket Fraud Policy.

Still have questions?

Stop by the season pass office in the Welcome Center at South Ridge Lodge or email