Parking & Shuttles

Around the Resort


Resort shuttles provide regular service on multiple routes connecting Sunday River lodging properties, base lodges, and parking areas during the winter season. As the activity center of the resort, South Ridge Base Lodge serves as a hub for the resort shuttle network and is where you can connect with the Jordan Hotel loop or the Mountain Explorer for transportation to off-mountain locations.

Hours of operation for the resort shuttle can be found below or linked through the River Guide

Please note that resort shuttles run on scheduled loops and cannot stop to pick up or make drops at non-designated locations, including private homes and condominiums that may be located on shuttle routes between regular stops

Shuttle Departure Times

(Please note, all times listed are the departure times.)

Lower Mountain Shuttle 

Grand Summit Hotel  :00 :30
Snow Cap Inn                                  :03 :33
Dorm                                                :04 :34
Lot 5                                               :05 :35
South Ridge Lodge                        :15 :45
Barker Lodge                               :20 :50
White Cap Lodge                             :25 :55

Jordan Shuttle

Jordan Hotel                              :00 :30
South Ridge Lodge :30 :00

Shuttle Details

  • Guests wishing to reach the Jordan Shuttle from one of these above stops may call 207-824-5000 and request a pick-up.
  • All Shuttles Services start at 7AM on weekends & holidays and 8AM on weekdays.
  • After 5PM the shuttles are on call through the hotel’s front desk.
  • Please call 207-824-3500 for the Lower Mountain Shuttle and 207-824-5000 for the Jordan Shuttle.
  • Night Services run until 11PM every evening.

Base Lodges

With three base lodges to choose from, there is a perfect starting point to fit your needs. Information on where skier services are offered can be found in the River Guide.


The resort has several parking lots, each in close proximity to base lodges, hotels, and resort-based condominiums. On weekends and holidays, parking lot attendants will guide you to the closest available spot. The free shuttle service is a great way to grab a ride with your gear.