L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

Summer Activities

L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

L.L.Bean's Outdoor Discovery Schools at Sunday River schedule will be available soon. 2018 courses included: 

  • Archery Discovery Course
  • Kayaking Discovery Course
  • Solo Kayak Tour
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding Discovery Course (SUP)

2018 Schedule

    • Mondays
    • Archery Discovery (1:10PM & 2:30PM); Kayak Discovery (1:10PM) & SUP (2:30PM)
    • Tuesdays
    • Archery Discovery (1:10PM & 2:30PM) & Kayak Tour (1:15PM)
    • Wednesdays
    • Kayak Tour (1:15PM); Archery Discovery (1:10PM & 2:30PM) & SUP (2:30PM)
    • Thursdays
    • Kayak Tour (1:15PM)

Important Information

Please remember to bring closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, hat/sunglasses, water bottle, swimsuit*/appropriate clothing (*for water courses), necessary prescriptions (EpiPen, Inhaler). Please also check the age limits on each activity. The L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools at Sunday River is located in the Grand Summit Hotel. If you need to cancel your adventure, Discovery courses must be cancelled 48 hours prior, and tours must be cancelled 7 days prior in order to receive a full refund.