Our Commitment to Net Zero Emissions and Building a Sustainable Tomorrow 

Boyne Resorts recognizes human-driven climate change as an urgent issue for the world, as well as for the SnowSports industry. In early 2021, we formalized commitments to climate action and announced our ForeverProject. 

ForeverProject is an initiative to attain a sustainable tomorrow through collaboration, by positively affecting the lasting impact our resorts, team members, and guests have on the planet. 

    • Power all operations with 100% clean electricity 
    • Reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels in existing buildings through energy efficiency upgrades and electrification 
    • Develop and implement high-efficiency green building standards for design and construction of new facility and real estate projects  
    • Upgrade our lift networks, installing the most technologically advanced lifts, and enhancing the energy efficiency of lift houses  
    • Install low-energy equipment while expanding snowmaking  
    • Add on-site renewable energy generation projects  
    • Monitor emerging technologies to identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and electrification of fleet vehicles and equipment 
    • Seek partnerships with local and/or meaningful programs to sequester carbon  


    • Expand composting 
    • Enhance recycling 
    • Partner with local and non-profit organizations to donate/repurpose items, from uniforms to equipment 
    • Participate in community environmental clean-ups  
    • Protect and limit disturbances to wildlife habitats, forests, and wetland ecosystems  
    • Conserve water through efficiency upgrades and utilizing recycled water where possible 

    • Educate team members on the purpose of specific plans and encourage their input and ideas 
    • Be a leader in the community, educating guests about sustainability welcoming their participation in initiatives 
    • Advocate at local, regional, and national levels for policies that promote climate solutions  

    • Invest in Team Member housing to address local housing shortages 
    • Encourage and provide options to team members to utilize sustainable modes of transportation 
    • Develop great people...

    • Promote carpooling and sustainable transportation options to and from our properties 
    • Collaborate with local and regional non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations 
Our Sustainability Effort

Guiding Principles

  • Mindful Efficiency Icon
    Mindful Efficiency
    Create and maintain a culture of reduction: energy use, waste output, water impact; balanced with maximized utilization of our human, technological, natural, and financial resources.
  • Tireless Conservation Icon
    Tireless Conservation
    Protect the natural environment unwaveringly, ensuring proper use for purposes related to outdoor recreation, and preserving or rehabilitating the land over which we are stewards.
  • Innovative Collaboration Icon
    Innovative Collaboration
    Support and reward outreach and partnerships that extend beyond all traditional boundaries, providing deeply valuable impact among our team members, and in our communities, industry, and environment for the long term.

Our Approach

Net Zero Emissions

  • Collaborate
    with local & regional utilities suppliers to identify and act upon opportunities of every scale to reduce energy and fuel use.
  • Engage
    expert & industry partners to help chart a path toward a future of sustainable operations
  • Immerse
    net zero intentions, tactics, and targets into the company culture
  • Educate
    team members on the purpose and specific plans, garner their support, and value their input and ideas
  • Purchase
    renewable energy and increase availability in the local community, and further implement energy-efficient equipment and systems.
  • Utilize
    green building guidelines for the design and construction of facility and real estate projects
Our Initiatives

Work in Progress

Snow falling on trees


Renewable Energy Commitment

As of January 1, 2021, Boyne Resorts committed to a renewable energy purchase with CMS Enterprises, a CMS Energy subsidiary, that entirely offsets electric energy consumption at its resorts and facilities throughout North America. As a result, the resorts will achieve 100% renewable energy for the 2020/21 winter season by sourcing a global purchase of renewable energy credits.


National Ski Areas Association

Climate Challenge & Sustainable Slopes

Led by National Ski Areas Association, Climate Challenge is a voluntary program dedicated to helping ski areas target and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, engage in advocacy on climate change solutions, and reap other benefits in their operations, such as reducing costs for energy use. Participation requires the endorsement of NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program, including a prioritized focus on areas such as water, waste, transportation, design and construction, forest health and habitat, and supply chain.



Energy Efficiency

In recent years, we've invested over 4 million dollars into energy-efficient snowmaking equipment, including the Boyne Low-E fan guns, and equipment from HKD Snowmakers. We're replacing our electric motor controls to variable frequency drives, where applicable, to reduce energy consumption, and enhancing our system with automation. Our snowmaking manager is tasked with looking for opportunities to reduce energy consumption with snowmaking, as well as in our other operations.


Resort Programs

Recycling & Composting

As a resort, Sunday River participates in single-sort and cardboard recycling, as well as bottle redemption. Where possible, we use recycled content products, such as paper for printers and copiers, and napkins for our base lodge food courts. Additionally, our food and beverage department has switched to Your Green2Go compostable takeout containers and plant starch utensils. Since 2017, Sunday River has sent over 300,000 pounds of compost to the family-owned and operated Pleasant River Farms in Bethel.

Wizard's gulch sign

Protecting Natural Resources

Glade Regrowth

Have you seen roped off areas in our glades? Our trail maintenance crew has embarked on a project to encourage regrowth of trees in certain glades for long-term forest health by identifying sections with little to no tree cover, and roping off those areas to reduce skier traffic through them. This practice has also helped us come up with more effective ways to create glades in the future based on natural indicators for low tree growth, such as a high fern density in particular forests.


Mahoosuc Way Pledge

Pledge to Embrace Our Place

Sunday River is a founding sustainability partner of the Mahoosuc Way: Pledge to Embrace Our Place. This pledge has been created by a core group of local organizations, together with statewide partners. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable travel destination and ensuring we preserve local quality of life and community vitality. This pledge is part of our commitment to ensure these lands and ecosystems are able to be enjoyed for generations to come.


For those of you that love Sunday River as much as we do and want to do your part, the following efforts would be incredibly helpful and appreciated.

  • Consider carpooling for your next trip to the mountains. If you have an electric vehicle, we also have Telsa charging stations in Lot 3 (at South Ridge Lodge).
  • Bring or purchase a reusable container for coffee and water to use in the base lodges.
  • Keep all of your reservation and purchase confirmation documents on your phone to cut down on paper use.
  • Use the proper receptacles when disposing of food and recyclables.
  • Use your towels more than once if staying in our hotels.
  • Stay out of roped-off sections of terrain in the glades to promote forest health.
  • Offset your trip with Tradewater.