Using Voucher Credit

How to use voucher credit online

Please note voucher credits are non-transferable. All voucher credits have expirations. See your confirmation email for details.


How to Look Up Voucher Codes


Visit our online store, log into your account, and click on My Account (desktop) or Account (mobile) to see your profile.

Step 2

In the left panel on desktop, select Vouchers. Or if you're on your phone, select Vouchers from the dropdown under My Account. In there, you will see your available voucher codes listed. Look for the code labeled with the appropriate product name.

Step 3

On desktop, you can copy the code directly from your screen, or select the VIEW/PRINT button to display in a new window. If you are on your phone, select VIEW/PRINT. From the print screen, your code is under the barcode.

Step 4

Go to the product you wish to purchase with the credit you are allowed to use and proceed to checkout.

Step 5

On the payment page, enter your voucher credit code in the "Gift Card or Voucher Number" box. Click apply. You will see the voucher amount deducted from the order total. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each product.

If you are purchasing a product that is less than the total credit value, the balance will remain on the same code. If you do not have enough credit, you will need to pay the difference. Payment plans are not available when using credit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, however, you do not have to. Follow the steps above to access your account and voucher codes. You will click the View/Print to get a simple voucher that includes the voucher code to give to your friend or keep for your records. 

  • If you do not see your purchase information accurately in your confirmation email, it could mean you tried to purchase a product that does not meet your voucher validation requirements. Please visit your account and check to see if your voucher is still valid. If so, you'll need to purchase again following the restrictions of your product. 

  • If you are getting an error, please give our team a call so we can better assist you at (800) 543-2754.