Buddy Tickets

How to Use Your Season Passholder Buddy Ticket Perk

Most season passes come with the added perk of lift ticket discounts to friends. See the Passholder HUB for details on your specific pass.

Buddy Tickets are purchased online using a voucher code following the steps below. Please note that these tickets become assigned to the "buddy" using the ticket, not the passholder, so it's much easier for the friends to purchase tickets themselves rather than passholders doing so.

Here are the steps:

How to Get Your Voucher Codes

Login to your account

Visit our online store, log into your account, and click on My Account (desktop) or Account (mobile) to see your profile.

You will see any season passes that fall under your account. Click Print Vouchers.

Select dropdown

Voucher numbers will display for each pass in your account. The voucher number is listed under the ID column. Simply share one or more voucher IDs with your friends -- they will use these to purchase their Friend Tickets online. You do not need to print the voucher ID unless you'd like to. 

Once your friend has a voucher ID, they purchase their ticket online with the following steps.

How Your Friends Redeem Voucher Codes

Purchase product

Ask your friend to visit the Buddy Ticket Calendar in our online store, select the date(s) they would like to ski, and add the tickets to their card.

They will need one voucher code per person, per day they plan to ski with Buddy Tickets, but can add additional days to their purchase from our regular lift ticket calendar prior to checkout. 

Buddy Ticket discounts are valid on one-day tickets at prevailing window rates on days the passholder's pass is valid for skiing.

Add voucher ID

During the checkout process, your friend will assign the ticket to themselves and add RFID media if they do not already have a Go Card.

When prompted, they enter the voucher ID number where it says Enter Your Code, and click validate code to use the voucher. From here, they simply follow the prompts to complete their purchase.

Skier picking up ticket at PUB

If your friend added their new tickets to their existing Go Card, they're all set and can head right to the lift.

If they do not have already have a Go Card they will visit any Pick Up Box or ticket window at the resort when they arrive to have a card issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Follow the steps above to access your account and voucher codes. You will click the View/Print to get a simple voucher that includes the voucher code to give to your friend or keep for your records. 

  • Yes. Our team can still look up your vouchers and print a ticket for your friend at the window. However, these tickets are subject to availability based on ticket capacity limits. The best way to guarantee access is by purchasing online in advance. 

  • Yes. Follow the steps above to access your account and voucher codes. At the bottom of the voucher page, click Show Inactive Vouchers. You will only be able to see which voucher codes have been used, not who used them or when. Please contact the season pass office to access that information.