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Winter Rollover


All 2022-23 New England Pass purchases are eligible for Winter Rollover. With this program, you can defer your season pass to winter 2023-24 for any reason by December 9, 2022, so long as your pass has not been used after opening day 2022. Usage includes both accessing the slopes and use of benefits. Winter Rollover requests can be submitted using the form below. 

2021-22 passholders looking for instructions to redeem their rollover credit for 2022-23 can visit the Voucher page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pass holders can choose to roll over the value of their purchased 2022/23 season pass toward a single season pass available for the 2023/24 winter season through December 9, 2022 for any reason.

  • The Winter Rollover provides a credit toward the purchase of any 2022/23 New England Pass. It does not provide refunds.

  • Season passes purchased (and not used) prior to December 9, 2022 are eligible. The New England 5-Day, resort ticket packs and frequency cards, promotional products, multi-day tickets, and employee passes are not eligible.

  • The pass holder will receive a credit for the amount paid for their 22/23 season pass. Actual age and/or pass categories for 22/23 passes will apply at the time of the 23/24 pass purchase based on resort policies.  The pass holder will be responsible for any cost increases if the pass holder is no longer eligible for a pass and/or a pass product is no longer offered. 

    Please note: if you received a loyalty discount after you purchased your pass in the spring, your rollover credit will reflect the amount paid after the loyalty discount was applied. 

  • Pass holders who do not use their passes can request a rollover until December 9, 2022.  Any requests made after December 9, 2022 are ineligible.

  • No. The Winter Rollover is only available for 2022/23 season passes that do not get used prior to December 9, 2022.

  • No. Rollovers are non-transferable and can be used for the original 2022/23 passholder only.

  • Yes, you can purchase a different pass. If you decide to buy a lower priced pass product, you will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance. There is no guarantee that the pass product you purchase in 2022/23 will be available in 2023/24.

  • No. Ikon's Adventure Assurance was neither available nor included on this promotional Ikon Base Pass product.

  • No. If the Ikon Base add-on pass is used or another winter benefit is used, then the Platinum New England Pass is considered used and no longer eligible for the rollover benefit.

  • Please visit our Using Vouchers page for instructions on how to use your rollover credit.