Ticket Packs

Ticket packs offer savings and flexibility on multiple days of skiing to use throughout the season.  Now any 23/24 ticket pack holder can purchase a New England Pass at a discounted rate.

N.E. Day

Access Sunday River, Loon, and Sugarloaf, with the N.E. Day. Enjoy 2-5 flexible days to use during the 2024-25 season. Any resort. Any time. N.E. Day.

The Threedom Pack


Access Sunday River for 3 days, all season long with our exclusive Ticket Pack.

Ticket Pack FAQ

  • All ticket packs can be picked up at our Pick Up Boxes (PUBs) at South Ridge or Barker Lodge or either hotel or at ticket windows at any base lodge open for skier services. Instructions on how our new RFID ticketing system works can be found here.

  • No, ticket packs are non-transferable. You cannot redeem multiple days from your pass on a single day to share with friends or family. 

  • No, ticket packs cannot be transferred between different people.

  • Season Passes and Ticket Packs are issued to the applicant only, are nontransferable, and nonrefundable. Season Passes include Sunday River Only Pass, New England Passes, and IKON Passes.

    Passes and Packs that are lost or stolen, and used fraudulently with negligence, will be handled in the same manner as misused Passes or Packs. 

    In the event of misuse of a Season Pass, or Ticket Pack, the following measures will be implemented:  

    • The Season Pass Holder, or Ticket Pack Holder, will lose pass privileges for a duration of 30 days or, a $250.00 reinstatement fee will put placed on the Season Pass, or Ticket Pack, and will only be reactivated once the fee is paid in full and;  
    • The individual misusing the Season Pass, or Ticket Pack, must pay the cost of a day ticket at the current window rate.  

    Repeat offenses will result in further penalties including the revocation of Season Pass privileges, or terminating the validity of the Ticket Pack, with the right to involve law enforcement.  

    Lost or stolen passes must be reported immediately to Guest Services at the South Ridge Welcome Center or by emailing: info@sundayriver.com 

    Resort Management retains the right to exercise discretion in enforcing penalties for incidents related to the misuse of season passes or ticket packs, even those that may not be explicitly outlined in the Season Pass and Ticket Pack Theft of Services Policy. 

Looking for More?

  • Season Passes

    Access Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon, all on one pass with a host of passholder-specific perks.

  • Lift Tickets

    Lift tickets must be pre-purchased. The earlier you buy, the more you save,