Eddy & Betty the Yetis

Eddy & Betty the Yetis

Our Winter Friends.

Local legend was that a yeti lived on Old Speck Mountain just north of the Sunday River since the late 1950s, around the same time Sunday River first opened for skiing. A shy creature by nature, the yeti seldom left his home and was spotted around the ski area only on rare occasions.

In 2009, sightings of the yeti increased in frequency. Some say he may have been drawn down to the resort by the fireworks display the night of Sunday River's 50th birthday celebration. Once here, the yeti slowly began to make friends with skiers and snowboarders, and over time he was given the name Eddy by the friends he made.

Today, Eddy the Yeti can still be elusive but is seen regularly around the resort. Sometimes Eddy is found high on the mountain, sometimes he explores the woods, and sometimes he can be seen walking around the base area greeting the skiers and snowboarders. Eddy scares easily and rarely makes an appearance for more than a short period of time, but remains friendly and curious, and enjoys making new friends - especially kids. 

Eddy was joined by his friend, Betty shortly after. Betty hails from the Mahoosuc Mountains near the Goose Eye Trail. She came to Sunday River to learn to ski, and fell in love with the mountain and snow. Betty the Yeti has a store--Betty's Treats and Treasures--in the South Ridge Base Area for candy, sweets, and gifts. 

When can I see the Yetis?

Eddy and Betty come down from the mountains and visits us every Saturday at 11:30AM starting in December through mid-April. On most Saturdays, you can find them wandering slopeside at South Ridge, but sometimes you'll have to figure out where they'll appear based on clues! Scroll down to learn about the Eddy and Betty Scavenger Hunt. You can also find them at Betty's Treats & Treasures store, located in South Ridge Base Area, at 3PM on Saturdays for a photo at Betty's purple gondola. Plus, don't miss them for special appearances during vacation weeks. 

Eddy & Betty Scavenger Hunt

Dates & Clues

    • Clue #1
      January 14, 2023
    • Find the Yetis exploring the base area of Sunday River's smallest lodge.
    • Clue #2
      January 28, 2023
    • Find the Yetis exploring the base area of Sunday River's first lodge.
    • Clue #3
      February 11, 2023 *new date*
    • Find the Yetis hanging out at the newest slopeside food venue.
    • Clue #4
      February 18, 2023
    • Find the Yetis enjoying the best cinnamon buns on top of a peak.
    • Clue #5
      February 25, 2023
    • Find the Yetis at the bottom of a triple, near Sunday River's newest Real Estate development.
    • Clue #6
      March 18, 2023
    • Find the Yetis at the sweetest treat store.

Scavenger Hunt Details

Eddy & Betty are looking to explore! While the Yetis love having their regular South Ridge visits, they want to stretch their legs and make appearances in other areas. Throughout the remainder of the season, they will make it to 5 additional destinations! Each scavenger date will have a clue pointing to where you can find Eddy & Betty. Once you figure out their location, from 11:30AM-12:30PM, you can find them in their secret spot and get a free sticker! Their stickers are one-of-a-kind to Eddy & Betty's furry friends. On the last scavenger hunt day, we will have one final sticker with the whole group of friends. Stay tuned for clues during the week before their visits! 

*Stickers are limited to the first 175 explorers. 

The Enchanted Forest & Betty's Treats and Treasures

Eddy's home is located in the Enchanted Forest glade on lower North Peak. He is usually out exploring, but you can visit his house on skis in winter and on foot in summer, and sign his guest book. Betty opened a South Ridge Base Area store with candy, sweets, gifts, and an exclusive selection of Sunday River logowear.

Special Appearances

Eddy loves to make new friends at birthdays and other special events at Sunday River and in the local area during fall and winter from October through April. To learn more please contact eddy@sundayriver.com.