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Resort Lodging

Resort Lodging

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Grand Summit Hotel

Open daily | The Grand Summit Hotel is found at the heart of Sunday River, close to all resort facilities with convenient slopeside access on the slopes of lower White Cap.

Jordan Hotel

Open daily | The Jordan Hotel is the premier address at Sunday River, set in a spectacular mountain location on the Lollapalooza trail and close proximity to the Sunday River Golf Club.

Snow Cap Inn

Open daily | The Snow Cap Inn offers convenience and value, located right at the resort just a short walk or even shorter shuttle ride from the slopes.

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Boyne Resorts Star Ratings

What Each Boyne Star Rating Means 

  • Accommodations at the pinnacle of resort luxury and sophistication. Extraordinarily deluxe service, refined accommodations and ultimate in comfort with personalized attention to guest expectations in both lodging and full service facilities. Accommodations are maintained at a level as to almost never showing signs of use.

  • Accommodations with distinctively refined design, quality, and physical attributes and amenities. Upscale sense of comfort and character. Lobby, public space and full service facilities of distinguished caliber. Accommodations are maintained at a level as to very rarely showing signs of use.

  • Accommodations with greatly enhanced room design, quality, amenities, comfort and service. Distinctive and memorable lodging for those guests with more encompassing needs. Augmented with enhanced lobby and public space areas and full service facilities. Accommodations seldom show signs of use and have strict guidelines for updates and keeping freshly appointed.

  • Accommodations with modestly enhanced room design, amenities, comfort and service. A step above minimal lodging requirements with a modestly improved sense of style. Note: Accommodations may show signs of use.

  • The most basic of lodging accommodations with modest core essentials of comfort and amenities being met. Basic requirements of cleanliness and utility are fulfilled. Note: Accommodations usually show signs of significant use.