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Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Western Maine mountains, Sunday River stands as a quintessential haven for seekers of both adventure and tranquility. Whether seeking solace in nature's beauty, an adrenaline rush on the slopes, or simply a warm and welcoming retreat, Sunday River encapsulates the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, leaving indelible memories for all who venture into its embrace.

Pass Pickup

If you need to pick up your Ikon pass, our Guest Services team, located in the South Ridge Base Lodge, is ready to help. If you already have your Ikon pass, then you can head directly to the lifts. 

Friends & Family Tickets

Ikon Pass Friends & Family Discounted Tickets

More Friends, More Fun

Share discount codes with friends & family through your Ikon Pass account. Once they've received their code, they can purchase lift tickets using the link below.

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Ikon Pass Lodging Discount

Ikon Passholders save up to 10% on their stay when they book at one of our resort properties - all season long.

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The Sunday River Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey at Sunday River: a picturesque escape of thrilling slopes, cozy retreats, and mountain serenity.