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Everything you need to know about your season pass, including Benefits, FAQs, and more

Pass Details & Benefits

Need to double-check your blackout dates or other pass details? We've got you covered.

Passholder FAQ's

  • 2023-24 season passes are automatically renewed onto your existing RFID. If you do not have a card yet, you can print yours at any PUB (Pick Up Box).

  • If you purchase a 2023-24 season pass you can begin using it on March 20 through the end of the season. Please note that Ikon Base Passes included in the Platinum New England Pass do not qualify for spring use benefits.

  • If I rolled over the value of my 2023-24 season pass, am I eligible for renewal rates?

    Yes, if you chose to roll over the value of your season pass in 2022-23 you can purchase your 2023-24 season pass at the Renewal Sale rate using your rollover credit. 

    If I purchase a 2023-24 season pass using a rollover credit, can I use it this spring?

    Yes, all New England Passes can be used beginning March 20.

    How do I use my rollover credit?

    Visit the Winter Rollover page for instructions. 

  • Yes. All pass holders will have the option to roll over the monetary value of their 2023-24 season pass to the 2024-25 season for any reason, until December 10, 2023. Go to the Winter Rollover page to request a rollover.

  • What are the Boyne Sister Resort Benefits?

    Platinum and Gold pass holders receive three free days of skiing at Boyne Resorts' sister resorts, which include Pleasant Mountain, Maine, Big Sky, Montana, Brighton, Utah, and more. After three days, the pass holder can receive 50% off regular season window rates. Silver and Nitro pass holders receive 50% off regular season window rates. The pass holder must visit the resort ticket window to use this benefit. This benefit is valid for the pass holder only. 

    What is the Mountain Collective resort benefit?

    Platinum and Gold Pass holders receive 50% off the in-season lift ticket window rates at Mountain Collective resorts. To use this benefit, the pass holder must present their pass at the resort ticket window. This benefit is valid for the pass holder only.  

    What other benefits come with a New England Pass?

    Benefits vary by the pass type. For specific information, visit each resort's website: 

  • The pass holder’s age on November 1, 2023 determines the age category.

  • Yes. You can upgrade your pass to a higher level at any time. The cost to upgrade will be based on the current pass prices at the time you upgrade. 

  • To qualify for a College Gold or College Silver pass, students must carry 9 credits or more at the time of purchase. Full-time status is confirmed through Sheer ID.

  • Season passes are non-refundable; however, in the case that you or a family member are injured and unable to ski, Sunday River will consider issuing a rollover per our Rollover Policy. Other situations may be eligible upon review. All requests must be submitted in writing. Multi-day ticket products and limited-duration passes are not eligible for rollovers. For more information or to submit a request please see our Credit Request Form

Using your Pass

Your season pass comes with an internal RFID antenna to identify you and provide lift access. It will look and work a bit different from your earlier passes. Here’s what you need to know:  

  • No Reservations Needed

    We do not require reservations or restrict season pass use. Head straight to the lift to ski any day your pass is valid, and have fun.

  • Keep Your Pass In Your Pocket

    When you ski, place your RFID card in a pocket by itself. Phones, credit cards, other RFID cards, even smart watches can interfere with it. Do not punch a hole in your pass or you will damage the chip.

  • Save Your Pass to Reload

    RFID cards can be used season after season. Keep your card and you’ll be able to reload it with a new season pass or ticket pack next season.

  • Replacing a Lost Pass

    If you can't find your pass, you can get a replacement pass for $5 online, at any ticket window or the season pass desk. This will automatically deactivate your old pass, so don't bother hanging onto it if it turns up.

Using Your Friend Tickets

New this season, passholder Friend Tickets can be redeemed online. Grab your voucher code from your account in the online store, and give them to your friends and family to use for online ticket purchases!