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Everything you need to know about your 2020/21 season pass.

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Using your Pass

Your 2020/21 season pass comes with an internal RFID antenna to identify you and provide lift access. It will look and work a bit different from your earlier passes. Here’s what you need to know:  

  • Keep Your Pass In Your Pocket

    When you ski, place your RFID card in a pocket by itself. Phones, credit cards, other RFID cards, even smart watches can interfere with it. Do not punch a hole in your pass or you will damage the chip.

  • Enter the Lift Gates

    When loading a lift, keep your pass in your pocket as you approach the entry gates and they’ll open automatically for you. Your pass does not need to be displayed.

  • Save Your Pass to Reload

    RFID cards can be used season after season. Keep your card and you’ll be able to reload it with a new season pass or ticket pack next season.

  • Friend Tickets

    This winter you’ll be able to purchase the discounted Friend Tickets that come with your pass in our online store. Check back here for details later.

Passholder Benefits

There's much more to having a season pass than just skiing whenever you want, ranging from discounts to deals to special access.

    • Friend Tickets
    • 25% off tickets makes you very popular.
    • Lodging Deals
    • Save 10% at all resort lodging properties all year.
    • Western Skiing
    • Free days and ticket discounts with select passes.
    • Retail Discounts
    • Save all season at Sunday River Sports.
    • Dining Cards
    • Save 20% at restaurants and food courts.
    • Golf
    • Save at the Sunday River Golf Club.

Pass Details

Need to double-check your blackout dates or other pass details? Here you go.

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