Cold Weather Ski Tips

Your guide to layering up on below-freezing days

We New England skiers and riders pride ourselves on our hardiness. Mother Nature can throw some interesting weather our way during the winter months but that is what makes us who we are.

Ski the East's trademark slogan says it all: "Born From Ice." While our snowmakers and grooming team do everything in their power to supply the best conditions possible, there is one thing they can't control - the temperature. That my friends, is one piece of the puzzle where Mother Nature calls all the shots.

While we may not be able to control it, those who have grown up skiing and riding in New England do know how to combat it. Here are a few tips on how to beat the cold and enjoy your day on the slopes.

Layer Up

The first and most obvious tip for skiing and riding on frigid days is dressing warm. By dressing warm, we mean layering up. The more layers, the better off you will be. A wise old man once said, "There's no such thing as bad weather... only bad clothing."

For those base layers, stick with wool, silk or a synthetic material. Tighter fit is better than baggy. Throw on some glove liners to keep those appendages toasty as well. Mittens beat gloves (unless you are trying to play rock-paper-scissors on the lift).

Don't forget about the warmers as well people. Toes or hands (or wherever else you decide to put them that will not be mentioned here) load 'em up and bring the heat.

To top it all off, throw on a waterproof shell to keep out the wind and wet. Oh, and one last piece of advice: not only are helmets crucial for safety on the slopes, they are also warmer than hats!

Swing by and see our friends at Sunday River Sports for all of your clothing and accessory needs.

Sunday River Sports offerings

Take a Cabin

The fastest way to lose the body heat is when sitting on the lift. The less movement, the more cold. The more wind in your face, the less fun.

Luckily here at Sunday River, we have an alternative option for you... Chondola cabins.

Never heard of a Chondola? It's simple. Gondola + chairs = Chondola. If you are looking to temporarily escape the cold, take a ride in one of our comfy cabins. Remember, the more friends you cozy up next to, the more body heat you can get going. Don't be afraid of snuggling up with strangers as well, we are all friends around here.

Chondola in winter

Hit the Pits

One of the best ways to warm up between laps is to swing by the fire pits.

If you are lapping North Peak, taking the little-ones on the Sundance Carpet or joining us for some night skiing, the South Ridge fire pit is the one for you.

If you are cruising on Little White Cap, taking on Tempest or winding down White Heat, the White Cap Lodge fire pit just outside of the Shipyard Brew Haus has your name on it.

Not only do we have outdoor fires for your enjoyment, but we also have a few indoor fireplaces to cuddle up to and get yourselves out of the elements. The North Peak Lodge wood burning stove is a great spot to get toasty while refueling with a treat (see next tip for more details). Last but certainly not least is the Barker Bar fireplace. All of you adults out there can get a little extra warmth from our friends behind the bar while you're at it.

kids sitting around a firepit

Take a Break

Perhaps the best way to keep yourself going all day when that mercury drops is by taking a few breaks. By escaping indoors after a few runs, you can relax, refuel and recharge the batteries.

One of the best ways to keep up the body heat is by making sure you to keep some fuel in the tank. By fuel we mean some food. By tank we mean your stomach. You get the picture.

Whether it's lunch at the Mountain Room, a warm coffee from Coffee Hound, nachos at the Foggy Goggle or the crowd favorite on the extra cold days... a warm sticky bun from the North Peak Lodge, get inside and get some grub.

eating food

Follow these tips and don't let a little cold get in your way of having a good time. We will see you out on the slopes (even though we may not be able to recognize you under those face masks).

  • Written by: Team Snow