Hotel Ownership

Grand Summit & Jordan Hotel

Benefits of Ownership

The Grand Summit Hotel and Jordan Hotel are rich in amenities and boast premier slopeside locations. Hotel ownership at either property allows owners to experience resort living that is completely turnkey. The services that guests to these hotels experience during their stays are available to owners 365 days a year, including ski storage, parking, and ski valet services, not to mention the use of the resort and its dining amenities.

Fully-deeded quartershares provide personal usage every fourth week. Hotel ownership is ideal for the mountain enthusiast who plans to visit three to five times a year. Owners also benefit from an affiliation with RCI, which opens a range of travel opportunities at resort destinations around the world. As a member of the Boyne Resorts family, owners at our Grand Summit or Jordan Hotels are also eligible for membership in Boyne Vacation Club, which provides benefits across the Boyne resorts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please direct all questions to

  • Space Available is offered at management's discretion; based on availability and occupancy levels. Please submit a Space Available request through your hotel's owners' website, linked above.

    Space Available stays are offered for up to 3 night stays in the same unit. You may stay up to 6 nights total under Space Available, moving units after the 3rd night. Please note that a unit booked under Space Available may be moved at anytime prior to check-in to accommodate a guest. Space Available is a privilege for the owner of the unit and members of the owner's vertical family tree (parents, grandparents, children, & grandchildren). Space Available is not available during your owned week. If the Space Available guidelines are not followed, you or guest checking-in will be charged the retail rate of the reservation.

  • Owners are billed quarterly: May 1st, August 1st, November 1st & February 1st.  Payment should be received no more than 30 days from statement. Checks should be made out to your Hotel Association, Grand Summit HOA or Jordan Hotel HOA. You may also call Lodging Accounting and pay with a credit card; there is a 3% service fee.

  • Yes, you would need to complete and return an Assignment of Rental Income Agreement. This program is designed to assist owners in paying their maintenance fees. If you choose to participate, we will apply your rental income towards your maintenance fees. You will still receive a check stub and statement in the mail. This is a voluntary program and you may opt out at any time. You can contact Katelyn Campbell in lodging accounting for more information on this program, (207)824-5857 or

  • All units are deeded. That means your owned weeks are particular to the purchased unit. During un-owned weeks Space Available stays (when available) allow for use of equivalent, or smaller units. There are no upgrades through the Space Available program.

  • Yes! Send it in. Always be conservative on your own behalf. Sometimes it's difficult to get back space that you've given to rent when we're nearing 100% occupancy! We can always release time back to the rental pool.

  • Yes, please contact Owner Services so we can put in their name and be able to greet them at the front desk. Also, remember that they will have a housekeeping charge upon checkout.

  • Definitely! Owners need to know the number of Owner usage days, the number of days rented and the total income for tax purposes. You should also keep them to match your total rent received for your 1099 that is sent to you by the end of January for the previous year.

  • Reservations are in constant motion and rentals are never guaranteed. Please wait to review your income statements, as outlined in the rental agreement. Fees are variable and include things like 4% fund, 3% credit card processing, taxes, etc. Fees are not calculated until after the reservation has checked out. After fees the rental net income split is 45% Manager 55% Owner. Your Lodging Accountant will help with any statement questions 207.824.5857.

  • Please remember reservations are in a constant state of flux and as a result rental income is never guaranteed. Guest may cancel, upgrade, downgrade, move units, shorten stay, etc. at any time.

  • Sunday River's accounting month closes on the last Sunday of each month and a check is sent out within 30 days.

  • Both Hotel Owner Associations have Facebook Pages. See links listed above. You will need to send a request to join the group with your unit number and quarter.