15 Top Picks For The Perfect Holiday Gift

Sunday River Team Favorites

Welcome to the Sunday River guide on holiday gift giving at the resort this season. Make your celebrations shine bright with our staff favorites, because who better to guide you to a great ski season, then the ones who run the mountain? Here’s your exclusive scoop on apparel, activities, the latest gear of the season, and even more. Sunday River always has in-store discounts for our passholders, so stop in after a day on the slopes! From our family to yours, here are 15 of our top picks for a perfect holiday gift:

Ski the East Hoodie

Abby buying for her Brother
All my brother ever wears is hoodies. Try as I might to get him to branch out in his style, he’ll always reach for a cozy crewneck over a button down every time. I figured this year, I’d lean into it and get him a holiday gift he enjoys. A classic Ski the East hoodie is ideal, he can wear it on and off the hill to rock his east coast loyalty and stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Hestra Mittens

hestra mittens aster and birch retail

Marina buying for Jon
Being an adventure photographer, I know a thing or two about cold hands. My boyfriend Jon also spends long days on snow teaching children how to snowboard. A pair of Hestra mittens is exactly what he needs. Beat the elements with unparalleled warmth and look good doing it. What can beat that?

Sunday River Dog Collar

Ian buying for his Brother
My brother and I grew up skiing at Sunday River and we love to rep our home mountain. Recently he moved to Denver with his girlfriend and their dog. To make sure he and his dog don’t forget their roots, I got them a Sunday River dog collar. This way Maya the dog can look fly and my brother will have a great holiday gift to remember home.

SnowSports School Ski Lesson

sunday river ski school lessons

Heidi buying for her Daughter
My daughter hasn’t skied since daycare and recently discovered a new love for the outdoors in winter through snowmobiling. Knowing she enjoys spending time outside, a lesson through SnowSports School is the perfect way to get her back on the slopes this winter.

Goggle Soc Protective Goggle Cover

Shelley buying for her Husband
He spends a lot of time in the backcountry and uphill skiing on the resort. He needed a way to protect his goggles when they’re floating around his bag during the climb. The Goggle Soc is the perfect problem-solving holiday gift to keep his lenses scratch-free and not add extra weight or take up too much space in his bag.

Mini Mountain Challenge

mini mountain challenge event

Katherine buying for her Nephew
My nephew is a budding outdoorsman who would love the Mini Mountain Challenge this summer! He is always running around the woods enjoying the great Maine landscapes, and I am confident conquering an obstacle course would be at the top of his list. What is more fun than a playground? One with a little healthy competition, and a lot of new-found friends!

Sidas Custom Footbeds

Luc buying for his Sister
My sister has gotten more invested in skiing over the years, and is looking for that extra bit of comfort and performance on the hill. A pair of custom Sidas footbeds is just what the doctor ordered. Custom molded to your feet, they provide amazing feedback to the snow, and turn your ski boots into slippers.

Twilight Skiing Tickets

night twilight skiing sunday river

Kate buying for her Niece
My niece and her friends are in school all day during the week and don’t have a lot of time on the weekends to go skiing while managing sports and academics. A great holiday gift for her is going twilight skiing with friends. They can grab a bite to eat at the lodge and carve some corduroy after a long day of studying.

Tune Shop Constant Care Package

AJ buying for Abby
As the Tuning Manager at Sunday River, I know how important it is to keep edges sharp and bases waxed. My girlfriend Abby is often out on the hill for work (and fun), and I know her skis deserve some TLC. Giving the gift of Constant Care means she’ll never have to worry about dull edges or slow skis and can rip the mountain as often as possible. And with overnight turnarounds, she’ll never have to wait to hit the slopes!

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage at the Jordan Spa 

jordan spa massage

Karolyn buying for her Mom
Skiing is my mom’s passion, but her back doesn’t always agree with the activity choice. The Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage at the Jordan Spa alleviates muscle soreness, tension, and chronic pain by applying firm pressure. Plus, with access to the Jordan’s pool, hot tub and fitness center following any treatment at the spa, she’s in for a full day of relaxation. 

Oakley Sunglasses

Tessa buying for Ian
The only sunglasses Ian owns are a scratched-up pair from the gas station that he found in his car a couple of years ago. With winter’s sun and snow glare turning up the intensity of his morning commute during the next couple of months, a pair of Oakley sunglasses is something he desperately needs. Oakley sunglasses are a great tool from hiking in the backcountry, to driving into work.

Tough Mountain Challenge

tough mountain challenge

Katherine buying for her Cousins
My cousins love challenging themselves in the great woods of Maine, and what better way to do this then with the Tough Mountain Challenge? Always up for an adventure, this obstacle race is a great holiday gift for an individual or group that enjoys the outdoors. Do this as a family for a great bonding experience!

Lenz Heated Socks

Greg buying for Karolyn
I was lucky enough to try these heated socks out during many cold days on the race hill, and decided to pick up a pair for my fiancé for Christmas. Featuring a rechargeable battery for each sock, you can adjust the temperature of the sock to three different settings, either with the Lenz app, or directly on the battery. Plus, you can buy replacement socks to match the battery, if they wear out after a few seasons. 

Sunday River Apparel

sunday river sports sweatshirts

Kate buying for Christina
I love to take my friends skiing when they come to visit, and commemorating the moment with a hat or new jacket is a great way to make that memory last even longer. A fun vacation, weekend, or a whole season on the slopes can be remembered for many years to come with Sunday River Resort apparel. Every time your loved one wears this thoughtful gift, they’ll fondly think of the days you spent on the slopes together.

Sno-Go Rental at the River

Avery buying for Katherine
Katherine enjoys all outdoor sports, and this is one of the more unique ones she has yet to try! This is a one-of-a-kind activity, renting a ski bike that you can shred on the slopes. A great choice for someone who prefers experiences and memories as a gift. Renting at the River is a great way to discover a new outdoor passion.
  • Written by: Katherine

    Katherine started at Sunday River as a Gould Academy Ski Patroller. She has since become the Snow Reporter, and loves to keep guests up to date on the latest and greatest across the peaks!