A Taste of Excellence

with Chef Brian Nichols

From Fairway to Feast

Allow me to introduce you to Executive Chef Brian Nichols – a skilled culinary craftsman with more than 30 years of kitchen experience under his belt. Back in 2008, he laid the foundation for Brian's Bistro in Rumford, and then in 2016, he ventured into the heart of Bethel Village to create another culinary gem, Brian's.

Fast forward to today, and Chef Brian is one of two beloved chefs who are masters of their craft in The Clubhouse at the Sunday River Golf Course.

Meet The Chef

Influenced by the rich and timeless flavors of French and Italian cuisine, Executive Chef Brian Nichols captivates guests with a diverse array of inspired dishes, which treat taste buds to a parade of mouthwatering bites, and span time and tradition. 

Dishes You Can't Forget

While he has a culinary crush on every plate he crafts, a dish that steals the show is the beloved Lobster Mac and Cheese – think tender lobster meets gooey cheese in a taste explosion that's become the local darling. And don't miss out on the specials Chef Brian dreams up that are exclusive to the weekend.

Chef Brian’s food has a remarkable way of transporting you back to cherished moments spent with family at Brian’s Bistro or laughing with friends at Brian’s; it is comfort on a plate, rooted in memories, and a genuine taste of home, all while delivering a unique culinary experience that will leave you wanting more.

If you want to experience the heartfelt nostalgia and exceptional flavors Chef Brian Nichols brings to every plate, join us at The Clubhouse, and stay tuned as we get to know all of the culinary masters of Sunday River.

A Perfect Night Out

Whether you're fresh off the 18th hole or just prefer to skip cooking, The Clubhouse welcomes all, serving culinary excellence amid stunning vistas.

  • Written by: Ellen

    When she isn’t randomly falling on her skis, you can find her at a local coffee shop or enjoying the outdoors with her dog, Cali.