Fairway Flavors

with Chef Chad Davidowicz

From Tee to Table

In the realm of culinary artistry, where flavors transcend boundaries and dishes become narratives, one name stands out: Executive Chef Chad Davidowicz. With an inspiring journey that has led him from New Hampshire Community College to the prestigious kitchens of the Balsams Grand Resort, Chef Chad has emerged as a visionary in the world of food.

Meet The Chef

Currently, Chef Chad joins Executive Chef Brian Nichols at the Sunday River Clubhouse, a culinary gem nestled within the Sunday River Golf Club. His culinary philosophy revolves around transforming tastes from around the country and infusing them with the spirit of Maine, creating a blend that celebrates the authenticity and the reinvention of Italian and French cuisine.

Dishes You Can't Forget

Chef Chad's go-to delight is the sirloin steak with the salsa verde; a blend of fresh ingredients that perfectly complements the tender sirloin. Drizzled with reduced balsamic, this dish gets a touch of sweetness, while arugula and Green Thumb Farms new potatoes complete the flavorful ensemble. His culinary ethos takes center stage in this dish, as it serves as a testament to his commitment to crafting everything from scratch and by hand.

Don't miss the chance to experience Chef Chad's culinary artistry at The Clubhouse. Come savor his creations that reflect his passion for handcrafted excellence. And during the winter months, make sure to visit him at Sliders at the Jordan for a taste of his seasonal delights.

A Perfect Night Out

Whether you're fresh off the 18th hole or just prefer to skip cooking, The Clubhouse welcomes all, serving culinary excellence amid stunning vistas.

  • Written by: Ellen

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