Three Cheers for Maine Craft Beer

Join us on post-work adventure to a local brewery as we prepare for Maine Brew Fest.

Steam Mill Brewery has been a long-time haunt for Sunday River employees, and their new(ish) location on the access road has made it even more convenient. Steam Mill has a sweet lineup of local Maine craft beers that are sure to hit the spot with anyone from a casual beer-taster to a handlebar-mustached aficionado. One Thursday post-work, a group of us headed to the bar for some laid back drinking; here are our thoughts.

Let’s dive in. 

Maddy: I am not a very adventurous beer-drinker. I know what I like, and I know what I don’t, and if it has the words “pale” in it anywhere, I’m probably going to stay away from it. On my last outing, I had the Mason’s Pilz coming in at a comfortable 5%. Could I give you any specific tasting notes? No, but I can tell you it was a nice light beer, and perfect for a casual post-work drink.  

Emily, Kate and Max: You ever order a beer because it has a fun name? Yeah, same. The Naughty Girl IPA seemed to be the hot date of the night. But most importantly, the taste was just as notable as the name.  

Seasoned beer drinker Emily had some thoughts: this is a beautifully balanced hazy New England IPA. Unlike some double IPA's that come close to knocking you out with their hoppiness, this 8% ABV brew is dangerously drinkable. Not too sweet or hoppy, but oh so smooth. *chefs kiss*  

Luc: Craft beer is great, and so are snacks. So can you imagine how stoked I was to get a beer with a food garnish? The 4.8% White Cap Blueberry, true to its name, also came with a few fresh blueberries bobbing on top. If I had to sum it up, it was a delicious and very drinkable wheat ale with notes of fresh Maine blueberries, and not just because there were 7 or 8 in the glass. Pro tip: ask for extra blueberries, aka “bloobs”.  

beer sitting on table

Abby: Non-alcoholic beer has become super popular in recent years, and Steam Mill carries a can option from Kit NA Brewing (they'll be at Brew Fest)! It’s nice to have an NA option because getting drinks with friends is a great time to unwind and have some fun, but if you don’t want to drink it can feel a little alienating. I enjoy having a beer from time to time, but I don’t necessarily want to have any alcohol, and this is why Kit is such an awesome option. 

These beers, and so many more, are available on a seasonal basis at Steam Mill, but with all the options, it can be hard to keep track of your faves. Introducing the Brew Passport. The Brew Passport is a great way to keep track of all the different Maine beers you’ve sampled and what your thoughts were on each one. The best part of the passport is once you’ve collected 3 stamps and registered your passport, you’re entered into a raffle at our annual Brew Fest event! Peep our Brew Fest page for more deets. 

Overall, sharing a beer and a few giant pretzels with some friends is a great way to close out a Thursday, and it has us all stoked for the actual Brew Fest event in September. There will be 30 different breweries there, so even the pickiest beer drinkers are bound to find their perfect brew. Cheers!  



  • Written by: Maddy

    Growing up next door in New Hampshire, Maddy spent many vacations roaming around Sunday River's 8 peaks. After college and a brief 5-year stint in Park City, UT, she's back and ready to take some hot laps on Caramba.