Jordan 8 Fact Sheet

Last updated October 7, 2021

About the Jordan 8

The Jordan 8 is an eight-person Doppelmayr D-Line chairlift to be installed at Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine, for winter 2022-23. It is one of the most advanced chairlifts in the world, and the fastest eight-person lift in North America. 

This lift services terrain on the Oz and Jordan Bowl peaks. This part of Sunday River will come to be known as the Western Reserve as future terrain development plans come to life. The resort owns several thousand acres of land beyond Jordan Bowl that will play a key role in the evolution of the Western Reserve, with the potential to double the resort’s skiable terrain in the coming decades.  

Quick Facts

  • Slope length of lift: 4,745 feet 
  • Vertical rise: 1,340 feet 
  • Towers: 15 
  • Chairs: 60 chairs with ability to increase to 68 in the future 
  • Uphill capacity: 3,200 skiers per hour with the ability to increase to 3,600 in the future 
  • Speed: 6.0 meters per second – the fastest eight-person lift in North America 
  • Load interval: 9 seconds with ability to decrease to 8 seconds in the future 
  • Ride time: 4.54 minutes  
  • Chair weight: 2,262 pounds per chair - the equivalent of a small SUV 
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at loading gates 
  • Ergonomically shaped, extra-wide heated seats 
  • Individual head and foot rests  
  • Weather-proof signature Sunday River Red bubble covers – the first red bubbles in the world 

Why is the Jordan 8 the most technologically advanced chairlift in North America?

DOPPELMAYR DIRECT DRIVE: The Doppelmayr Direct Drive (DDD) is a gearless drive concept that makes for whisper-quiet operations and low maintenance, combined with very high energy efficiency and low fossil fuel consumption. The D-Line series of lifts also includes new features such as individual tensioning belts between each set of accelerator tires, designed to reduce maintenance time. The RPD Nexo rope position monitoring technology on the towers provides higher levels of reliability in adverse weather.  

ADJUSTABLE LOADING CARPET: Once guests reach the loading point, lift attendants can raise and lower the loading carpet height to assist skiers onto the chair.  

AUTOMATIC LOCKING RESTRAINT BARS: Jordan 8’s restraint bar locks when lowered and automatically unlocks upon arrival to the top terminal. 

COMFORT-FOCUSED SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Each chair is equipped with its own suspension system resulting in a much smoother ride that is unique to the Doppelmayr D-Line design.  

CHAIR DESIGN: The Jordan 8 features extra-wide ergonomic heated seats, individual head and foot rests, and bubble covers to protect from the elements. 

SPEAKER SYSTEM: Each lift tower is fitted with a speaker for reliable communication from lift operators. 

WIND RESISTANT: Jordan 8 is highly wind-resistant, allowing it to run smoothly in a high-wind event.  

FULLY-AUTOMATED OVERNIGHT CHAIRLIFT STORAGE: With the press of a button, chairs are stored conveniently within the top and bottom terminals, protecting them from overnight weather. 

LED DISPLAY: The bottom terminal features a massive LED screen built into the side of the building.