Learning to Ski & Snowboard

Beginner's Guide for Sunday River

At Sunday River, we take great pride in making your first time sliding on snow an unforgettable experience, thanks to great instruction from our coaching staff and the best terrain in New England. The end result? You'll become a lifelong skier or snowboarder. 

New to the slopes?

What to Expect

As a beginner, you should have reasonable expectations about your first day out.  At first, it's going to be challenging. Unless you have ice-skated, rollerbladed, skateboarded or surfed in the past, skiing and snowboarding can be completely different from anything you have done before but will be an amazing experience. Once you get started, you'll soon start to relax and enjoy yourself.  The more you ski or snowboard, the more your confidence will grow and the easier it will become. Remember, everyone feels the same when they ski or snowboard for the first time, so you're not alone. We recommend taking lessons to get insights from our knowledgeable coaches. 

From gearing up to getting on the chairlift

The Lesson Experience

    Learn about your equipment, the basics of control, and start sliding down the gentle slopes of our learning area with a smile on your face! You'll learn to use our brand new conveyor surface lifts too, which are covered for maximum comfort on your way up the hill.
    Build on your skills and confidence in our terrain-based learning elements while you practice the basics of turning and stopping.
  • Third Lesson
    Take it up a level: you're well on your way to riding a chairlift and mastering your turns on easy green trails. It's time to declare yourself a skier or snowboarder!
Snow Features for a Fun Time

Terrain Based Learning

Sunday River has partnered with SNOW Operating to make your first day of sliding easier and more fun for you. By using specifically shaped snow features to naturally control your speed and body position Terrain Based Learning removes the traditional fears and anxieties associated with your first time sliding on snow, allowing you to focus purely on the fun!

Using Terrain Based Learning, we've simplified the process of learning to ski or snowboard down to five simple steps: 

All ages and abilities

Available Lessons

We're here to help make your first experience unforgettable from start to finish. Contact the Sunday River SnowSports School for information about lessons, our resort, and anything you may want to know about your first day at Sunday River. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a great stay with us and leaves loving skiing, snowboarding, and the mountain experience as much as we do.