Modern Lift Access

Sunday River now uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for lift access across the resort. This touch-free system means you'll have one lift ticket card that you can reload online with additional days of skiing throughout the season, or a RFID-enabled  Season Pass, Ikon Pass, or Ticket Pack with direct-to-lift.

How It Works: Lift Tickets

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STEP 1: Purchase Your First Ticket

Visit shop.sundayriver.com to choose your date. Prices go up as dates get closer, so buy early for the best deal. After you check out, you'll receive a confirmation email with a barcode or QR code. If you purchased multiple tickets, there will be one code per ticket.

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STEP 2: Pick Up Your Go Card 

When you arrive, visit a ticket window to pick up your Go Card with your lift ticket loaded on it, or go to any Pick Up Box (PUB) at our base lodges or hotels to get your Go Card. Instructions are listed next to the PUBs!

Place your Go Card in a jacket pocket away from credit cards, cell phones, or other RFID-enabled tickets. Chest or sleeve pockets are perfect. If you have a small child, you might need to give them a little boost to get their card scanned at the lift.

STEP 3: Reload Your Go Card

Once you have your Go Card, you can use it all season by adding additional single- or multi-day tickets through your online account.

If the front of your Go Card reads Temporary Customer you'll need to register your Card first by selecting your date on the ticket calendar, creating an account, and entering the Reload Number from the back of your card. This number begins with 1OK and has 20 digits. (Note that zeros will have a line through the center).

How It Works: Season Passes & Ticket Packs

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Season Passes

Season passes offer direct-to-lift access all winter. Please note that if you received your pass prior to October 12 you'll need to activate it prior to use -- check the Passholder Hub for details. You can reload next season's pass onto the same card, so hold onto it.

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Ticket Packs

For N.E Day, Maine 4-Day, and Threedom Pass ticket packs, follow the instructions above on picking up your Go Card, which will have your tickets are preloaded. Threedom Pass additional days can be loaded on your card online. 

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Ikon Pass

Ikon Passes are RFID-ready at Sunday River with preloaded access for 5 or 7 days, depending on your pass type. You can pick up your Ikon Pass at Sunday River, but your pass cannot be replaced here if it is lost or stolen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Go Card is a reusable RFID-enabled lift ticket. Please note that all lift tickets, season passes, and ticket packs are referred to as Go Cards in your online store account. 

  • If the front of your Go Card reads Temporary Customer, you will need to register your Go Card. Select your date on the ticket calendar, create an account, and input the Reload Number located on the back of the card. The number begins with 1OK and has 20 digits total. Please note that zeros in this code will have a line through the center.  This number assigns your card to your account, and allows you to load lift tickets. 

  • New England Passes, Maine Passes, and Ikon Passes are all RFID-enabled. Once you receive your pass in the mail or pick it up on-site, simply put it in your pocket and you're ready to ride the lift. 

  • Your Go Card or season pass can be replaced for $5 per card online, or  at Guest Services. However, we cannot replace Ikon Passes.

  • No, you can reload your Go Card with multiple days and head straight to the lift. 

  • For ticket packs, check your confirmation email for a QR code. When you get to the mountain, scan your QR code from your phone at any Pick Up Box to get your Go Card. You'll only have to do this step once, as your valid days are automatically loaded onto your Go Card.

  • No, a hole punch will break your Go Card or season pass. The RFID gates can pick up the chip through your jacket, so just zip it in and get on the lift.